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Chapter 12

Course 20

Malcolm Hamilton-Ritchie (Course 20)
After St Georges, Malcolm was cadet with the Forestry Commission but they released him during National Service and he signed up the army and served with C Squadron, SAS, in Northern Rhodesia until the Federation was disbanded. He was commissioned in the British Army and was posted on the Rhine when he resigned after UDI was declared. He saved some cash as an assistant in Anglo American’s Geological Survey and enrolled aged 26 with Course 20 after completing his pre-Gwebi season with Charles Newmarch. Malcolm earned a First Class Diploma with four distinctions in 1970.
He worked off his government bursary with CONEX in Karoi then returned briefly to the staff of Gwebi looking after the tobacco section and other tasks.
After Gwebi, Malcolm moved to Salisbury South in charge of breeding stock for Arbor Acres then moved to India five years later.
He worked in Singapore, Zimbabwe, the UK for 8 years, Papua Niugini, Malaysia and Australia.
Malcolm is in NSW, Australia where he is “in retirement, rushed off my feet”.
Forwarded by Colin Lowe.

Graham Elliott (Course 20).
Graham was Marketing Manager with William Bain.

Keith Moor (Course 20).
Keith died in a motor accident.

Vale Dudley Herbert Rogers (Course 20).
Dudley was born in Bulawayo on the 29th December 1948. He was home schooled, attended REPS Primary, and then Plumtree School (and always stood by Grey house!).
After leaving school Dudley farmed with his father in West Nicholson and also worked for Lemco on the Liebigs Ranches. While there he had an encounter with some elephant while driving home on a tractor, slightly inebriated, one night. He only figured out the true gravity of the story the next morning, realizing that the screaming that he'd heard had actually not been a problem with the tractor, as he'd thought at the time, but the enraged screams of the elephant chasing him! In 1970 Dudley enrolled at Gwebi Agricultural College with Course 20 and after graduating he moved back to work in farming, doing irrigation and raising cattle with Rogers Brothers and Son in West Nicholson. He was also an accomplished golfer and marksman.
Dudley was married to Tess, father to Clinton and Nadine, Nikki, Donna and Clive, and grandfather to Shannon, Michelle, Reagan and Jordan.
During that time Dudley was active in the West Nicholson Farmers' Association, serving as its Chairman for many years. While still farming Dudley opened up a new enterprise, Tshabezi Safaris, which was a business developed from what he loved to do most - hunting, contributing to and caring for wildlife, and building relationships with his clients, employees, and many others, opening up for them the beauty and wonder of the Zimbabwean bush and God's Love. As so many people can testify, Dudley was a generous, fun loving friend and storyteller extraordinaire.
Dudley was another one of the legendary Lowveld characters who worked successfully with all the people there who will miss him greatly. With the loss of his ranches he continued working there with CAMPFIRE and the local people, all of whom benefitted greatly from the work he so loved in that lovely environment. Although he has now moved on and will be greatly missed by the large community there, and overseas, he will most certainly not be forgotten as he has left a wonderful legacy behind him. So many will have such fond memories of him, many of which will be repeated many times around the camp fires for many years to come.
But Dudley's greatest passion was his personal relationship with his Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord. He took God with him everywhere he went, and left Him with many people who allowed him to share Christ with them. This man led an inspirational life full of adventure, and he has passed that legacy on, not only to his children, but also to his precious grandchildren.
Dudley passed away on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018 from cancer.

Brian van der Bank (Course 20)
Originally from Bulawayo, Brian was based in Howick, KZ-N, South Africa for Meadow Feeds after Gwebi and he was well respected in the dairy industry. He had spent time in the U.K. studying silage production. Brian was also an Honorary Game Ranger for the SA National Parks.
He married Lorraine and they have a son and two daughters. Brian loved coaching Rugby at the local high school.
Once his neighbour Alastair Paterson couldn’t start his car and Brian came along and asked for a hammer and proceeded to give the battery terminal a clap and the car started. His comment was “Remember what Fred Gilling taught us”.
Sadly Brian passed away from cancer 2020/2021.


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