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Diplomas were awarded in December 1951 for Course 1:

Bailey, Michael Alexander John "Mike"
Baines, J M
Bagshaw, K N
Barker, M O
Carter, W A
Fletcher, G W
Fletcher, P I
Ford, M J
Hofmeyer, Peter
Jackson, I F
de Klerk, A A
Parker, L G
Phillips, G J
Pilcher, Cecil Peter Edward. Known as Peter.
Reed, B C
Style, Clive C
Turner, C H
Waller, Noel T "Bundu"
Ward, J S

Alphabetical list of students
Courses 1-19 and 22-29:

The year of graduation, course number and town from which the student enrolled are tabled for graduates.

The Course number is given for students that enrolled but did not stay for the duration of the course or that were not awarded a diploma.

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Awards and Presentations on Diploma Day each year
Courses 1-19, 22-29

The guests of honour, lists of awards and diplomas presented each year, a few ploughing results and some notes on sport can be viewed in the following files:

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Anecdotes from college days and News afterwards.


Roll of Honour for students from Gwebi.




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